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Posted By :    Bettye Curtis  (
Posted :    5/13/2011
Comments :    Congratulations to Dr. Sewell and her staff for a fantastic beginning of her pratice! We are fortunate to have a well organized, thorough and most of all CARING doctor for our beloved animals. God bless Dr. Ashley Sewell and her staff! Bettye Curtis
Posted By :    Camille Lalli  (
Posted :    3/7/2011
Comments :    I am so happy with Dr. Sewell and her amazing staff. I have already made several trips with my animals and evryone is soooooo nice and professional. Diana and Michelle are so sweet, and Dr. Sewell is amazing and really cares about her patients. Thank you to all of you! I will try to load up a family pick of our five babies, not sure if Peter Parker will make it! lol
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