Sewell Animal Hospital

638 S Main
McAlester, OK 74501




Surgery can be a scary thought for our clients, but rest asured that your pet is in the skilled and compasionate hands of Dr. Sewell


Anesthesia and surgery are not without risk, but at Sewell Animal Hospital we take every step possible in reducing these risks. This include pre-anesthetic bloodwork, multimodal use of anesthesia drugs, close monitoring of vital signs, and sterile surgeries.

Anethesia monitor, Anesthesia machine, Oxygen tank

Our monitor and machine are brand new! 

We monitor heart rate, respiration rate, ECG, systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial blood pressure, oxygenation and pulse rate.



We also provide IV fluid support to our surgical patients. You can see the fluid bag and IV pump for this patient on the right side of the picture.


Also pictured is our warming blanket, called the HotDog! The blue box is its control panel.


The numbered paws hanging off the back of the anesthesia machine are the various blood pressure cuff sizes. 


Our new autoclave! Autoclaves are used to sterilize surgery packs and gowns. The green, cloth wrapped bundle to the left of the machine is one of our spay surgery packs. Each pack includes various drapes, surgical instruments, scapel blade, and gauze.

As a side note, Dr. Sewell's gloves and suture are purchase sterilized.