Sewell Animal Hospital

638 S Main
McAlester, OK 74501


Join us for a tour of our clinic right from your screen! 



Welcome to our animal hospital, where providing excellent care for both you and your pet is our goal! We are proud to offer warm smiles & excellent customer service at no extra charge!

 Lobby/Waiting Area 

Please come in and help yourself to a cool drink of water & make yourself comfortable. Dr. Sewell or another wonderful staff member will be with you as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience.



 Front Desk/Check-In 

You will want to be sure to stop by the front desk first thing when you arrive to be sure that we check you in. Our receptionist will greet you with a smile and let Dr. Sewell & other staff members know that you are here. They will also help you check out once your appointment is over and make your next appointment if needed.  



We will weigh your pet at every visit and log the most current weight into their patient file. This helps us view their growth over time & track their rate of weight gain. 


Hills Science Diet & Prescription Diet 

Although most of our food is stocked on this shelf, some is in another location. If you do not see the food that your pet is needing here, you can ask Tori, or another staff member to check on the availability for you. We do special orders, as well. 

 Honorary Candles 

If you come in and see these candles lit, please take a moment to think of our client that is saying goodbye to their forever friend. As we know this can be a very difficult time, we kindly ask you to stay as quiet as possible. We appreciate your respect and sympathy during this time. 


 History Wall 

Stop by this wall while waiting to be seen or on your way to the exam room for a blast from the past! You can also see more about our past in the history tab of this website. From then to now, this facility has been ran by great doctors!

 Exam Room 1 & 2

We have two exam rooms. This is exam room 2. It is newly revamped and focused on cat wellness, including utilization of Feliway to reduce your feline's stress. Our exam rooms allow for privacy during intake and when Dr. Sewell returns to discuss her findings of the medical exam.


 Radiograph Room 

This is where all the x-rays happen! If Dr. Sewell is afraid your pet may have a broken bone, or any bone issues, this is where she will get her answers. We can also x-ray for bladder stones, a litter count, foreign bodies, and many other things. Ask for an emailed copy of your pet's image so you can have a copy of your own!


Treatment Area 

The treatment room is heart of our clinic and where everything happens! Dentals, exams, vaccines, allergy injections, and so much more. This room holds our in-house pharmacy, lab, vaccine stock, & other equipment that we use on a daily basis. 

Surgery Suite

This is where Dr. Sewell does all her surgeries! Spays & neuters are most common, but we do a variety of operations if needed! Although Dr. Sewell does the surgeries, they couldn't be completed without the help of her assistants & technicians. They monitor your pet while under anesthesia & also do checks every fifteen minutes after the surgery is completed. 


Dog Hall

This is the area where all dogs that are boarding, recovering from surgery, being bathed, or just here as a drop off stay. Dogs in these kennels are walked frequently and given a bed to make them comfortable.

Cat Room

Our cat room is designed for peace, quiet & separation from the loudness of the dogs, traffic, etc. Our cats here for boarding get a bed, litterbox, food and water. Their kennel is cleaned and freshened on a daily basis. We strive for a calm environment for our patients and use various tools to achieve it. 

 In-House Laboratory

When your pet is sick or aging, we tend to run blood work. Just like in humans, this will tell us a lot of things and can help Dr. Sewell make a diagnosis. Although there are many things we can do right here in the clinic, we often send off tests to national reference laboratories for a wider panel or further testing. 



 In-House Pharmacy 

Many of the prescriptions that our patients need are filled right here in the clinic! We have general medications like heartworm preventives and flea/tick control, but we also have many others that specialize in certain things if your pet were to need them. 


 New Building!! 

As the clinic has grown, we have gained more amazing clients and patients. With that growth, we needed a space for our employees to be able to use as a break room after they were booted from exam room 2. This has also allowed more storage space and another place for office work. Our break building has allowed us to optimize both exam rooms, giving us the opportunity to add more appointments!